Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Thanet Council's decision to allow Ramsgate  Pleasurama project developers more time to secure funding has provoked outrage amongst local people who will be lobbying a meeting of Ramsgate Town Council at 7pm outside the Custom House, Harbour Parade  tomorrow (Wednesday  5 June) from 6.15pm
SFP Ventures (UK) Ltd have been the  developers of this £30million luxury hotel/ flats project for over 10 years.
In that time little very little work has taken place on the project and local people have been forced to endure a derelict building site eyesore which has blighted one of the most prestigious seafront areas of Ramsgate  for a decade.
Earlier this year local people concerned about lack progress with the development  and the negative impact it was having on the seafront set up the Friends of Ramsgate Seafront (FORS) campaign group
FORS have organised 2 petitions of local people which have both collected over 1,000 signatures each.
The petitions called on the Council to remove the developers for blighting the seafront for over a decade and to rethink what might be developed on the site
Only last week, in response to the public pressure, the Council had promised an official investigation into  the development  including seeking legal advice to end the agreement with the developers and reclaim the public land. Now the Council appears to have done a U turn and has entered new talks with the developers.
Ramsgate Green Party Councillor, Ian Driver opposes the  development and is supporting the lobby along with FORS supporters.
He said   "I have some very serious doubts about project developers SFP Ventures and their ability to do the work. I am also very worried about the fact that the project is being built in  a high risk flood zone without a flood risk assessment being undertaken despite  advice by the Environmental Agency to have one. There are also some serious concerns about the stability of the cliff face which will be less than 4 mtrs behind the development. These factors lead me to believe that these are the wrong developers, building the wrong sort of development in the wrong location and Thanet Council is wrong to continue talks with them.
for more information contact Ian Driver 07866588766

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