Friday, 11 October 2013

Ramsgate It's Time Is Coming

Its great news that the Council has finally got possession of Dreamland. There's £10million in the bank to begin development work on the site which should result in a first class visitor attraction which will create jobs for local people and new business opportunities. But what about Ramsgate? Is there  a danger that it might get overlooked and side-lined by Margate? I hope not. If anything, Ramsgate has more development potential than Margate. There's the Pleasurama site, the Pavilion, the Port and of course things are already happening with the caves and former motor museum. These sites if developed properly and in consultation with the community could kick start the economy and provide much needed jobs, training and business opportunities. I believe Ramsgate is a town who's time is coming again. The local community and the Council needs to seize the opportunities.

Here's a short film I have made about this. 


  1. There may be £10 millions in the bank from various sources but Ian, can you tell me if the cash TDC have to pay the owner under the CPO will come out of this sum and has the amount they will have to pay been decided by the valuer? I have read that an owner is able to assume that they would get planning permission when the value is being assed in which case the Dreamland site would be worth rather a lot of millions.

  2. I understand that an amount of money has been set aside in the Council's reserves to cover the cost of the CPO. I will find out how much this is and publish on here. Rgds Ian