Thursday, 12 December 2013

Thanet Labour Block EU Vote. Legalise It. Shanty Town

Here's a video blog about Thanet Labour Councillors blocking a discussion about the EU Referendum and a few words about drugs legalisation and the Shanty Town Xmas party on 14 December with the great Dennis Bovell! Might see you there.

Here a video which sums up my reaction to Thanet Council  Labour Group's  crude and cynical manipulation of the EU motion at last weeks Council meeting. They're Unbelievable.


  1. Ian are you going to make a christmas speech this year like the queen does?

  2. haha That's as unlikely as the real Queen giving you a knighthood. Our plans are to have a nice quite Xmas with our family and corgis

  3. Putting recreational drug production into the hands of corporations and levying a tax on their sale would be a mistake and totally unnecessary. Look at what they have done with tobacco; it is poisonous rubbish and totally unsmokable as far as I am concerned. Cheap booze is not much better.

    Heroine addicts should be administered clean laboratory grade heroine for free and given assistance with detoxing. Unfortunately, there is too much money at stake for the money-laundering banksters, and a hidden political agenda (of destruction) means that, under the current system, such a logical solution will never come about.

    As far as normal recreational drug use is concerned, growing your own is the only way to ensure the purity of what you put in your body and is perfectly lawful as far as the constitution is concerned. Tobacco, cannabis, opium and psychedelic mushrooms are easy enough to grow in our climate. Coca is not, but cocaine is a destructive, low-empathy inducing, satanic drug that is best avoided anyway. Why do we need to bother with the opinions of a bunch of bent, coked-up drunkards in Westminister to decide what is best for us? They cannot even look after themselves.

    As long as you are not producing more than you need for personal consumption and do not sell or distribute the finished product, there is bugger all anyone can do about it, providing you know the difference between statutory regulations and common law.

    I agree about Red Ed Milliband, he is an International Communist/ Zionist by birth, and that murderous outfit are all about the European Union. Look at what they did to Russia and The Ukraine; several tens of millions of Christians eventually perished in the Soviet Union at the hands of the Zionists.