Tuesday, 2 September 2014

East Kent Hospital Trust In Special Measures.

I fully support the decision of Health Regulator Monitor to place the East Kent NHS Trust into special measures.

Thanet already suffers from severe health inequalities compared with other parts of Kent. We must have a health and hospital service which is properly funded and fit for purpose instead of a failing service which is letting down many Thanet residents.

I hope that the additional support and expertise provided by special measures will enable  the East Kent Hospital Trust to become  stronger and more effective. However until we have a properly funded NHS free from privatization and profiteering services will continue to be inadequate and poor for many people.


  1. And still no health consequence epidemiological study concerning contamination of the water supply. Your parliamentary rival Mr Farage is now in possession of the Environment Agency six page response to FOI. IE He has the facts about the Sericol contamination from the Environment Agency and not from the spin local bloggers have chosen to put on it. I am afraid that the UKIP lad has stolen a lead over health and environmental issues over his Green rival.

  2. For the past two years I have been undergoing treatment, surgery and radiotherapy at the Kent & Canterbury and chemotherapy at the QEQM, from the East Kent Trust and I have experienced nothing but professionalism and kindness. Perhaps Ian you should research the source of the criticism in the report for it cannot be the medical staff and so let's not tarnish them if it is managerial or administrative failings. Can you also specify these alleged inequalities with other areas?