Thursday, 22 January 2015

Thanet Labour Sells Our History to Bribe Voters

TDC Councillor and Green Party Election Candidate for South Thanet , Ian Driver, has expressed his “utter astonishment”  about plans to dispose of  the Theatre Royal in Margate and the Broadstairs Pavilion. Said Driver “the Theatre Royal and the Broadstairs Pavilion are iconic buildings   loved by locals and visitors alike.  I simply can’t believe that the Labour-led  Council wants to sell them off”.  This  decision, will be a massive worry to the hundreds of people campaigning to save the Pierremont Hall in Broadstairs which was recently mothballed by the Council and might now face a similar fate to the Theatre Royal and the Broadstairs Pavilion.  The decision also follows the disposal of the historic Ramsgate Pavilion to mega pub chain company Weatherspoons on a lease of over 100 years. “The Labour controlled Council is crudely  asset stripping  Thanet’s publically owned historic buildings in a cynical effort to win votes by keeping the Council Tax down in an election year” said Driver.  “I accept that these buildings are expensive to maintain, but the Council has the option of setting up charitable trusts and seeking heritage lottery and other funding sources to repair and maintain these historic buildings, but they have refused to explore these options preferring instead to privatise the cultural history of Thanet. I will be opposing these proposals and fighting against the selling off of Thanet’s family silver”.

Speaking about  the Theatre Royal, Driver said "the Council claim that they are simply seeking  a new operator on a long lease to maintain and run this beautiful Georgian building. The truth is that in these austere times and with massive cuts in grants to the arts its extremely  unlikely that an outside operator will come forward. Just look at the difficulties the Council had in securing an operator for the Dreamland Amusement Park, which is a much more lucrative proposition than the Theatre Royal. My belief is that no operator will come forward and the Council will sell off this fabulous building. Maybe  to Weatherspoons for pub?

Thanet Green Party is  opposed to selling off our historic heritage. Instead we would consult with the community and work with local  groups and charities to find new imaginative ways to preserve our rich history. There are many examples across the country of iconic buildings being preserved and profitably managed by community action, rather than asset stripped and sold for political advantage. 

 For more information contact Ian Driver on 07866588766
The reports authorising the disposals can be found here

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  1. Well said - let's hope the election reverses these decisions. Which councillors voted for them?