Sunday, 10 May 2015

Thnanet Labour Councillors Caused UKIP Victory


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  1. Ian, I think the different parliamentary and district council boundaries may go some way to explaining the divergent result in Thanet South. I also wonder if there were a significant number of people who voted Conservative for Westminster to stop the perceived danger of an SNP/Labour coalition, but voted UKIP for TDC?

    I totally agree with your analysis of Labour, they seem to have forgotten their core constituency both locally and nationally, SNP and UKIP have filled the gap.

    Of course we now have the interesting situation of a Tory MP who was a founder member of UKIP, and A TDC run, and probably lead by, a number of UKIP councillors who used to be Conservatives!

    Good luck with your campaigning on green and social issues, I think you'll find that a lot of UKIP voters will be a bit shocked when they discover exactly what they've voted for and will look to the Green party for an alternative point of view.