Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Me Retired? For Fox Sake No!!

Outside Margate Magistrates Court
Sorry for the absence.  I decided to take some time out after the elections to spend with my family. They were incredibly supportive and never complained about the hours I spent at meetings, leafleting, campaigning, drafting press releases, writing speeches and doing case work. So I owe them big time and have spent the past few weeks doing lots of family  things which has been brilliant. And now that the school holidays are almost here I intend to be relaxing (?) with Mrs D and the girls for the next 6 weeks. 

But I haven't retired from politics. Far from it. I'm slowly easing myself back into things. A couple of weeks ago I had an appointment with the District Judge at Margate Magistrates Court to answer charges of unlawful entry into the port of Ramsgate and assault on  a security office
 during an anti-live animal exports demo over a year. In my opinion the case should never have come to court. It was a waste of public money. I got the impression that the judge felt that too, because he awarded me the lowest possible penalty - a 12 month conditional discharge plus costs of £500.
Just last week I joined  friends old and new at a demo outside our new South Thanet MP, Craig McInlay's,  office in Broadstairs , to protest about his support for watering down anti-fox hunting laws.  Thankfully our new animal welfare friendly government decided to withdraw their plans when it became clear they would lose the vote.

Talking of live animal exports, next week sees a sailing of the ship of death Joline from Ramsgate which will be transporting thousands of hapless creatures to their deaths in Europe.  I will be down at the port  to protest and bear witness to this cruel and barbaric trade.

I'm also becoming very  angry about the Labour Party's response to the Governments massive cuts to welfare benefits. I am gobsmacked that 80% of their MPs abstained from voting on this massively important issue. What a bunch of spineless fuckers they are. But credit to the 48 Labour MPs who broke the whip and voted against these ghastly proposals. They are clearly in the wrong party and should join me in the Greens come on guys you know it makes it sense. More on this later.

Also some of you know I love my Freedom of Information requests. In fact,  I kid you not,  someone once submitted a freedom of information request to Thanet Council asking hoe many FOIs I had submitted and how much they cost. The request was rejected which is a shame because I would liked to have the had the answer too. But seriously though  I'm worried about Government plans to emasculate freedom of information. regulations and severely restrict what people can find out about the public bodies they pay for. This is serious stuff so expect more from me on that.

Finally swearing. Like tens of millions I've always sworn and I always will. I do mind my Ps and Qs in certain circumstances. But since leaving he council I have decided that in expressing my views about the world around me I will be more free in the use of expletives. Its part of the language  and culture I was brought up in. Most of the  people I socialise with swear. So from the time to expect the odd fucker, wanker, arsehole, bollox  and shit to appear on these pages and elsewhere.

best wishes Ian

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  1. Good to have you back Ian and swear away! What do you make of UKIP and animal exports and Pleasurama back on? What happened to your TDC secrecy trial and fines too?