Friday, 14 August 2015

Kick Out The Jams MotherF***ers. Vote For Corbyn

On the day that ballot papers are being despatched, I call on Labour’s 600,000 members to follow the advice of Michigan's MC5 to  "kick out the jams motherfuckers" by  voting massively  for Jeremy Corbyn as their new leader. You may ask why, as a member of the Green Party and a candidate for election to its national executive, I am trying to influence the internal affairs of another political organisation. The answer is simple.  Corbyn’s vision and ideas are broadly similar to those of the Green Party. To suggest that not being a member of the Labour Party excludes me, or other Greens, from actively supporting, encouraging or commenting on Corbyn’s promotion of ideas we already support is utter bollox. Although I do agree that nobody should deceive the Labour Party in order to vote for him.  

But apart from becoming Corbyn cheerleaders there’s a much more serious issue emerging from Labour’s increasingly bitter election contest which, I believe, obligates the Green Party and other progressive left-of-centre organisations and individuals to pay more than a passing interest in Labour’s internal affairs. Because the coming together of Neil Kinnock, Tony Blair, Allan Johnson, Jack Straw, David Milliband, Alastair Campbell  and Corbyn’s  election opponents into  a nasty,  highly personal get Corbyn campaign, is  fast  transforming itself into  a once in a generation  struggle for the  future of progressive politics in this country.
No one, least of all Corbyn, could have imagined that his campaign would spark such massive public interest in fundamental questions about social justice, equality, democracy, the environment and anti-austerity. These are issues which transcend the Labour Party and which are deeply rooted in the DNA of the many progressive organisations and individuals who are not, and do not intend to, affiliate to or join the Labour party in its current manifestation. And whether Labour likes it or not, these organisations and individuals will use their influence and voices to ensure that Corbyn kicks the arses of the war criminals, self-serving careerist, corrupt lobby industry pimp fodder, and other assorted ill-famed fuckers who masquerade as Labour politicians and who are now arraigned against him.

Because a victory for Corbyn will undoubtedly rid the Labour Party of many of these unprincipled scum bags. It will also transform Labour both politically and organisationally into a much more dynamic campaigning organisation which will have a very different relationship with the voters and communities in which it operates. It will also forge much more co-operative relations with the Green Party, the SNP and Plaid Cymru. Indeed a Corbyn victory could lead to a fundamental re-alignment of progressive left of centre politics in this country  ultimately leading  to new, more modern, approaches to doing politics which might  do away altogether with the old fashioned tribalistic concept of party.

But a defeat for Corbyn, or a coup against him will not be a total disaster. The thousands of people, young and old, who have been energised by Corbyn and his vision are unlikely to remain members of a party led by Burnham, Cooper or Kendall.  Many of these people, including Corbyn I hope, will  in the event of defeat or coup leave Labour and work with the Greens and other organisation to develop a new broad-based political force which promotes progressive social change, justice, equality, democracy including fair voting, anti-austerity and sensible joined-up  environmental policy.

This is why the Greens, the SNP and  Plaid Cymru should not only be cheerleading for a Corbyn election, but also be talking to Corbyn and his team right now. Because win or lose working with Corbyn and the movement he has started in the Labour Party is the key to developing a modern left of centre progressive political force in this country which will promote the issues we are all passionately concerned about and which will enable us  to take power in our town halls and ultimately at Westminster.  
My support for Corbyn in no way means that my commitment to the Green Party is diminishing. On the contrary working with Corbyn will strengthen the Green Party and its ideas immeasurably. We can’t sit this one out!

Disclaimer - This article is published and promoted by Ian Driver as party of my election campaign for the Green Party Executive. I am standing for the post of Local Party Co-ordinator. This is not an official publication of the Green Party of England and Wales.

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