Saturday, 17 October 2015

Annexe Elitist Grammar Schools

The Government’s decision to allow the opening of a grammar school annex in Sevenoaks got me thinking about our education system and its future.  My starting point is the inescapable truth that Grammar schools are state funded bastions of privilege which perpetuate discrimination and division in society.  Every last one of these 164 state subsidised leg-ups for the privileged should be closed down right now. Along with the fee paying, so called,  public  schools and all those  schools funded or controlled by religions and last but not least  the semi-privatised free-schools and academies that are popping up all over the place. Getting rid of all of these discriminatory, bigoted and divisive schools and replacing them with a single state funded education system would be the best day’s work anyone could do for the future of our kids.

Our education system should be system which nurtures, supports and develops children, allowing them to achieve their full potential and contribute to society. Instead  £billions of taxpayers cash is  wasted every year  paying for a fragmented  and dysfunctional system which writes many children off at 11,  promotes religious inspired  intolerance,  and discriminates massively against students  from low income families, female students,  disabled students, LGBT students,  and students from black and ethnic minority backgrounds.  Unless you are lucky enough to be an offspring of the sharp elbowed middle classes, the chances are that the English education system will seriously fuck-up your life chances, especially if you receive free school meals.

There’s virtual unanimity that having a good education is the key to social mobility and having better life. So why have successive Labour, Tory and Coalition governments sat on their arses and done fuck-all to properly sort out a system that wilfully excludes, discriminates against and fucks-over a huge number of our children. And despite what they tell you, it’s not the teachers or parents who are to blame for this appalling educational achievement gap, it the unfair way in which our schools are structured and resources allocated to them.

And although I’m angry about this criminal waste of talent, I’m not that surprised by lack action to tackle this injustice.  Because the politicians and senior managers who oversee our education system are the beneficiaries of this glorified crock of shit. These privileged middle-class managers and politicians with their inflated salaries, massive pensions, car allowances and expenses accounts all did well out of this  criminally unfair system. The last thing they want is to have their privileged positions challenged by the sons of daughters of great unwashed.  And whatever bullshit they may spout about extending educational opportunity don’t believe a word, because statistics demonstrate that a good education is restricted to the sons and daughters of the privileged who, like their mums and dads before them, get all the best jobs and take all the positions of power and influence in society. A better, fairer society with increased social mobility can only be achieved by destroying the discriminatory, bigoted and privileged based school system in this country.


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