Friday, 15 January 2016

Newington By-Election. Why I'm Standing

Here are a couple of short (by my standards!) videos about why I am standing as a candidate in the Newington by election. The big issues are an incompetent council and incompetent political leadership of the council,  and regeneration, jobs and training. These videos deal with the subjects. Hope they are of interest and don't put you to sleep.

promoted and published by Ian Driver 45 Sea View Rd CT101BX on behalf of Ian Driver and Andrew Jefferson Green Party candidates in the Newington by-election.


  1. Good videos Ian and your 1st one is right on £14m tax at least wasted by tdc in corruption and incompetence. How will you reverse this?

    Your 2nd video is weaker on support for the Shp Housing estate and a 2nd marina not port. Neither has any credible job forecasts certainly within a decade and Shp will be hugely environment-destructive in contrast to your green aims that a sop of allotments won't cover.

    Do you have a written manifesto of what you will do?

  2. Glad you're standing Ian!

  3. I can't see your videos on my phone please advise how.Thank you

  4. Driver for Disrict! Glad you're back as Thanets best councillor Ian. We don't need more sheep and crooks

  5. Have any other candidates made policy statements yet

  6. 20 votes? What happened??

    1. yes a very result which we need to look at and think about. All credit to Labour though they ran a good campaign and deserved to win. Great to see UKIP defeated too.