Tuesday, 12 April 2016

UKIP & Labour: Thanet's WyeVale W**kers

Where It Happened. But are UKIP & Labour Just Wyevale Wankers?
Well done Thanet  Gazette! It’s revelations about garden centre shenanigans and a  nine-times-postponed court case, have finally forced  UKIP and Labour councillors  to get off their lazy arses and demand the long overdue resignations of  Konnor Collins and Helen Smith.

Not that I’m detracting from the seriousness of alleged theft and assault, but it beggars belief that up until just last week UKIP and Labour councillors were united  in turning a   blind eye to  other extremely serious issues  related to the two councillors with hardly a murmur of criticism, let alone forcing their removal from office when the door was wide open to do so  at the Council meeting on 31 March.

The question must be asked  why UKIP and Labour councillors worked together  to allow former Kippers Collins and Smith an extended leave absence after they had both failed to attend a single council meeting in six months.  Surely, depriving Northwood Ward’s 4,800 voters of their democratic rights to have a functioning voice on Thanet Council is just as important a matter  as allegations of theft and assault at Ramsgate’s  Wyevale Garden Centre? Yet UKIP and Labour chose to do fuck all to tackle this outrage. In fact by forming this unholy alliance to protect Collins and Smith from expulsion from the council UKIP and Labour have condemned the residents of Northwood to endure 9 months of being denied their  right to have  3 elected councillors. So much for their hypocritical protestation about supporting democracy , or the Corbyinstas meaningless  mantra of doing  new politics. The fact is that a democratic deficit is wrong and those people, left or right, who support and extend such a deficit are worthless, unprincipled fuckers.

Next,  despite Thanet Council having signed the Armed Forces Covenant which pledges   support to those brave women and men  who have put themselves in harm’s way for their county, why did UKIP and Labour councillors fail to take  the opportunity  at the Council meeting on 31 March to remove   Collins from the Council for allegedly making false claims about his military service and his  military and  civil decorations and possibly bringing dishonour on the Covenant? I would have expected, at the very least,  that the Labour Councillors responsible for securing TDCs approval of the Armed Forces Covenant in 2012 – Iris Johnston, Jenny Matteface, Michelle Fenner and Peter Campbell to have had the courage of their convictions to have spoken out at the Council meeting on this important matter. In fact the qualified privilege attached to Council meetings would allowed them the legal protection to have been very frank in what they said about alleged falsification of military records and honours  without fear of libel actions. But did they? Course fucking not. Their  normally articulate  gobs remained tightly closed for once.

The truth is  that  both UKIP and Labour chose  to keep Collins and Smith on the Council so as to avoid a by-election in Northwood Ward which would have been likely to  have taken place on the same day as the EU  referendum on 23 June. Why? Because UKIP didn’t want to risk losing more seats  and possibly its Council majority. Because pro-EU Labour didn’t want to  risk  contesting an election on a day when anti-EU feeling in Northwood was likely to be running high

With these cynical self-interested  calculations in mind UKIP and Labour councillors were more than happy to prevent the people of  Northwood from having their full entitlement of functioning councillors for  at least 9 months. And the possible of dishonouring of the Armed Forces Covenant  by  an alleged Walter Mitty-esque councillor has been allowed by UKIP and Labour to continue.

Thanet Gazette Collins and Smith Allegedly stolen goods from Wyevale?
 It was only when further damaging allegations about Collins and Smith emerged in last weeks’ Gazette, coupled with the growing public anger against Thanet’s  political establishment for covering their arses, that these self-serving scum-bags decided call for  resignations. Which reminds a lot of Prime Minister David Cameron’s evasive and misleading efforts of last week to defend his indefensible Panamanian Payola until he realised just how angry the public were with him.

But sending out press releases demanding resignations achieve nothing apart from  deflecting criticism and covering your arse. If UKIP and Labour have even a Higgs-Bosun particle  of honesty left, then they should follow up their calls for Collins and Smith’s resignation with an Emergency Council meeting at which the leave of absence granted two  weeks ago  is rescinded.  Or will they , as I suspect  will be the case, sit  on the garden centre fence like the bunch of WyeVale Wankers they are


  1. I think sustaining them in office is more to do with Manston and avoiding a Cllr who will rock the boat. About TDC using a loophole to avoid planning law and statutory risk and environmental impact assessments in creating the Section 106 agreement about 15 years ago.

    So it seems TDC are touting an iffy 106 to try to attract suitable indemnity partners for Manston at the same time as Riveroak, based on an iffy 106, are preparing to make their application to the Planning Inspectorate.

    IE to stop SHP being able to tear the 106 up and end the airport operation for ever.

    I am concerned too that an ex Pfizer research scientist sat on Manston Airport Consultative Cttee but his Whilst (Re cyclohexanone contaminated Thanet water supply and the solvent effects on human biochemistry) was prevented from being deployed because TDC kept the facts secret. Whilst dodging risk and environmental impact assessments for Manston Airfield operation.

    As you know Northwood would be the most suitable place to pilot epidemiology study for environmental impact assessment. Because of the direct private abstraction licences still active in area.

  2. Well said Ian: the Stolen Valour councilors need to be resigned or be booted off this month. Both UKIP and Labour have self-destructed in less than a year of the election. The Tories face corruption charges over the lection and TDC/Bayofrd's role in BVI Pleasurama. What has Homer been doing for her £120k salary?

  3. Wells and UIP have completely messed up even without the Konnor farce. How do we get rid of them and a new election - Wells just want s to keep his head down rather than improve the towns. He knows he's unlikely to be elected again and the Tories won't have him

  4. Labour are beginning to impress the hell out of me. They've reversed the nonsensical commitment to reopen the airport, replaced the disastrous Iris Johnston as leader with someone who is already making an impact, and are now showing that they have some standards. I fully agree that this pair should have been booted off the council when the opportunity arose a couple of weeks ago. Further revelations have not yet made the press. I see no impediment to recalling the council and holding a vote to reverse the previous decision. However, I don't think they'll do that becasue the real reason for not booting them when they had the opportunity is that the council doesn't want by-elections to coincide with the EU vote.

    1. Thanet Labour are useless hence being reduced to only 5 elderly councilors....

  5. What is needed is for Labour to suss they can get gloves on Gale and Riveroak via the SHP planning application environmental assessment. IE Show that the SHP development is better for Thanet Public Health as it won't drench the populace, already suffering highest lung disease rates in UK, with lung irritant airborne particulates.

    The question raised of how (and who at TDC) statutory environmental impact assessment was dodged by a loophole when TDC created a Section 106 agreement with a certificate of lawfulness. Yes folks Manston operated as an aiport without full planning consent.

  6. When the 106 was put in place the people/paperwork would of been rubberstamped so all concerned will be documented and filed.This I take it should be available to anybody who asks to see/read these documents in full.

  7. Liking your blog Ian. I don't live in Thanet but I like your style. Too many people not saying enough about the workings of local government up and down the country. Came across your blog by chance and wanted to share my own very newly created one for you and your various followers.


  8. Hi Ian. Loving your blog. I don't live in Thanet and came across your blog by chance but it's great to see people really talking openly about the council. Like your style. Thought I'd share my own "council" blog with you and your followers

  9. Liking your blog Ian. I don't live in Thanet but I like your style. Too many people not saying enough about the workings of local government up and down the country. Came across your blog by chance and wanted to share my own very newly created one for you and your various followers.