Friday, 27 May 2016

Labour’s Newington Candidate Disrespectful & Insulting of Voters

I don’t like losing, and want my revenge
Former Thanet Councillor, David Green, has been accused of  “insulting the people of Ramsgate” for comments he made in an internal Labour Party document.
Green, who was selected yesterday  to be Labour’s candidate in the forthcoming Ramsgate Newington by-election, said in a statement which was distributed to over 200  Labour Party members that he “didn’t like losing”  the election in Newington ward in 2015 and  he hoped  to be selected again because  “ I want my revenge”.

Ex-TDC Councillor and blogger on local affairs, Ian Driver, said he had  been contacted today (Friday 27 June 2016)  by several  angry Ramsgate Labour Party members who passed the internal document on to him and asked him to make their views known.
Said the Driver “the people I have spoken to are disgusted by Green’s comments and regard what he said as an insult to the people of Newington for exercising their democratic rights to reject him in 2015. I totally agree! What Green said is arrogant, abusive and highly improper. The Labour Party should suspend the selection process and investigate Green’s comments. Surely there must be rules which prevent someone motivated by revenge and anger against the electorate seeking public office?”

“The people I have spoken to today,  who are mainly new members of the Labour Party  supportive of Jeremy Corbyn,   approached me as a well-known, outspoken,  left wing figure  to express their views because they fear being  bullied or suspended if they raised this matter themselves inside the Labour Party. I’m happy to help and I say again that a so called-politician who produces a statement which says
 “Karen Constantine and I fought the (Newington)  ward  well (in 2015) but were swept away by the UKIP surge and airport sentimentality… I don’t like losing, and want my revenge”

is  insulting and dis-respectful of local people who chose not to elect him. Green should be made to stand aside for someone else who  shows more respect for voters.


  1. Agree 100% & I'm not even a Labour supporter. I have always found David Green disrespectful & insulting in my dealings with him. In the words of Victor Meldrew, " I don't believe it! " What has he ever done for Thanet?

  2. I think you are taking it and making a mountain out of a mole hill Ian. Its more likely that it was meant in a way to bet back on the council. No-one likes the way UKIP used local resentment of previous Tory and Labour councillors to win the council elections here last year. They have made a bigger hash of things apart from a few good councillors. I think Green deserves a chance to prove he should not have lost the election and to be able to do some good for our community in Thanet.

  3. Sounds like the Labour Party torn apart: and what has Karen Constantine done since election? Green hasn't spoken up on the TDC corruption or Manston pollution so maybe that's why he lost?

    Let's hope the election is open and fair although with TDC and RTC elections both run by TDC it doesn't look like it.

  4. After being Mayor and a councilor for years and Thanet still declining isn't it time Dave Green stood aside for others? Thanet Labour proved disastrous and no better than the Tories.