Sunday, 17 March 2013


I am standing as an INDEPENDENT candidate for Ramsgate in the Kent County Council elections on May 2nd.  If you elect me I will become the first INDEPENDENT candidate to be elected to Kent County Council in living memory. So come on vote for me and lets make history together!
I am a fat, bald, middle aged man, married with 3 daughters who I love to bits. I am learning to play the guitar (badly). I love music of all kinds, I like going to the pub and eating curry.  I love the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railway but I am becoming too big to fit in the carriages.  

I am a Thanet District Councillor and Chairman of the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Panel. I am outspoken, have strong opinions and campaign on local issues like

  • Calling for the sacking of Pleasurama developers, SFP Ventures UK Ltd, for 10 years of failure and the creation of an “appalling seafront eyesore” in Ramsgate.
  • Setting up  the campaign to stop  “barbaric and cruel”  live animal exports from the Port of Ramsgate, which is backed by the RSPCA, Joanna Lumley and Ramsgate MP Laura Sandys
  • Setting up a major  Council enquiry into the  pollution of Thanet’s beaches with raw sewage By Southern Water in 2012.
  • Publishing  secret documents and being  threatened with legal action in my campaign to end Thanet Council’s regime of secrecy  
  • Speaking out against corruption in public life
  • Condemning  Thanet Council’s plans to “stuff the pockets" of well-paid managers whilst robbing the lowest paid workers 
  • Campaigning against national health service cuts in Thanet
I used to be the manager of Thanet Citizens Advice  Bureau and now work for an older person’s welfare charity. Through my work, I have seen some of the awful poverty and misery that many people in Thanet are forced to endure because of uncaring Government (both Labour and Conservative) policies. This is why I got involved in politics and this why I am passionate about fairness, honest government and justice!

For more information about my policies follow this link

I am fighting this election on my own against the Big Party machines. I need all the help I can get. So If you want to help me by delivering leaflets, or perhaps a small donation towards to my election expenses please contact me at





  1. Just as well you didn't mention your equal gay marriage campaign. Utter waste of time since no-one wants to marry me.

    Still, not a bad stab at all the other stuff, so will put up some posters supporting you.

    1. Sorry Solo Gays you are absolutely right to point to this out. I am proud that I moved the succesful motion which made Thanet Council one of the first Councils in England and the first and only Council in Kent to support =marriage.

  2. We know what you have done as a TDC councillor but what is your KCC manifesto? What do you see as KCC's short commings and how would you improve it. Without this info electors have no reason to vote for you.

    1. My KCC manifesto is omn the way. Expect some surprises!

  3. That' the first Tory seat gone then and not before time.