Saturday, 13 April 2013


I spent 2 hours in Ramsgate Town Centre today campaigning. I had a great reception. people want an Independent candidate who does not follow the orders of  Party Bosses. Someone who will put Ramsgate first and
fight for the interests of Ramsgate people instead of Party interest. People I spoke to today were concerned about Council corruption, the neglected seafront and live animal exports. 

Vote Ian Driver Ramsgate's Independent Voice
For more information about my policies follow this link

 I am fighting this election on my own against the Big Party machines. I need all the help I can get. So If you want to help me by delivering leaflets, displaying a poster, or perhaps a small donation towards my election expenses please contact me at


  1. Well done Mr Driver!

  2. im sorry I not made today I hope next sat will be better for me and free as well well-done mate

  3. Good to see you on the streets talking to people. Such a shame that party supporters will blindly vote for their party candidates regardless of their views or abilities. All it does it make the candidates lazy. They don't have to do the footslog because they are going to get the votes anyway.

    1. Surely, Anon 21:16, the point is that, other than the real diehards, people do not slavishly vote for the same party all the time. If they did we would never have a change of government or ruling majority in the local council. It is also not just the voters that change their minds, for Cllr Driver has changed parties a couple of times before becoming independent, as has also Councillor Worrow whilst Cllr Wiltshire and Mr. Latchford are standing for UKIP when they were both once Conservatives.

      Main point I am making is that Cllr Driver has it all to play for and, although disadvantaged in Ramsgate by not having Labour's party machine behind him, he can take heart from the general disillusionment with the main parties at this time. At the end of the day it comes down to whether he can get his message across and, perhaps more importantly, whether he has the right message.