Friday, 15 November 2013

Calm Down Mr Perloff. Calm down.

"Vanity, vanity, all is vanity" so the good book tell us. And blow me down if its not been proved to be true. Andrew Perloff the boss of multi-million-pound Panther Secutities who knocked down properties on Ramsgate High Street last week without the permission of Thanet Council, has taken out a full page advert in the Thanet Gazette attacking me and my  blog. Surely Mr Perloff, as boss of a large and extremely busy company you have better things to with your time and shareholders  money than to run adverts criticising councillors in small seaside towns for speaking out against you. Or perhaps its all tied up with ego. Either way, the truth about what your company did will hopefully be revealed in any legal proceedings resulting from  your actions. In the meantime, please keep reading the blog and taking the chill pills.


  1. I see that Mr Perloff has got you rattled. I doubt that he fears you.

    1. Well, other than denying someone else their right to freedom of expression, you do not seem to have too much to say yourself Mr Smee. The whole question here hinges on who has the soundest legal advice, Mr Perloff or TDC and that only time will tell. Just have to hope we tax payers are not saddled with yet another legal bill for a failed action.

  2. Really intelligent debate going here!

  3. 'Ongoing development of 20 flats on the site'? It seems Panther has decided that this development is going to happen and that nothing is going to stand in their way, not the council, not residents, not local or national planning policy. Andrew Perloff doesn't care about Thanet. We are merely another plot of land for him to develop.

  4. Well, having lived in Thanet for over 20 years, I can tell Mr. Perloff, without fear of contradiction, that if he wants to ride roughshod over the planning system and the wishes of local people without finding himself dragged through the courts....he's come to exactly the right place.