Tuesday, 26 November 2013

UKIP Appalling Bad Taste & Arrogance

I don't often interfere in the personal affairs of others, but a statement by UKIP has made me so angry that I feel I must speak out.

It would appear that on hearing of Laura Sandys intention not to stand in the next General Election a UKIP spokesperson made the following, widely reported statement.

"We believe that fear of having Nigel Farage as an opponent in 2015 would have been instrumental in her decision."

Laura Sandys has made it perfectly clear why she has decided to stand down and it was nothing  whatsoever to do with the fear of fighting Nigel Farage at the next general election. To suggest otherwise is a nasty example of  cynical  political game playing which belittles and insults a serious life-changing decision made someone who has worked very hard for South Thanet residents.

The suggestion, implicit in the UKIP statement,  that Nigel Farage will have an electoral walkover in Thanet South is the height of arrogance. One thing I know is that the people of Thanet have very strong principles. They don't take kindly to people taking them from granted. Not do they like having people who have worked hard to help them, misrepresented and abused in the way that  UKIP has misrepresented and abused Laura Sandys.

In future UKIP please show some respect and decency to others faced  with difficult decisions. It's not much to ask a political party, or is it?


  1. Ian, Have you considered joining the Conservatives and taking on their press officer job. The Tory group support for Laura and now a defence against UKIP insults are noticeable by their absence. It is as if they have a death wish.

    1. Funny you should say that. Just last week someone passed on to me an advert for a Thanet Council Press Officer job. I'm still toying with the idea of applying for it, although I don't think I will get called for interview!

    2. I believe that UKIP was started a s a splinter group of the Tories, (that would explain the arrogance), so if you ask me, they are all in it together, and having a jolly good laugh about it... in between snorting their lines of coke.

      I have long been of the opinion that UKIP are just a new player in the political soap series that the elites put on for the plebs, they are simply controlled opposition to the merger of Lib/Lab/Con, they are a 'free market' alternative to the corporate-fascist/marxist-leninist global government system that we are having forced upon us... basically UKIP have been created to give the plebs someone to root for in the times of adversity that lie ahead.

      I believe I once heard Monckton, party chairman and Knight of Malta, say that he wanted to see a global "Freedom Party"; he's lately been seen rubbing shoulders with Rand and Ron Paul form the US, who talk the talk but are often lacking in the walking department, so it looks as if the controlled, global Freedom Party is also on the cards.

      The only way to sort out this mess is to reform government ourselves, take back the money system from the banksters, and tell the IMF (Knights of Malta) to go screw themselves, something I'm sure many of them are already doing... we have to do pretty much what the Icelanders did, back in the good old days, in fact we should have done it then.

      Gentleman Gerald Celente has some good ideas about the way forward.

    3. This is amazing, Ian, for all I seem to be doing is agreeing with you today, but I share your distaste of the UKIP statement which is on a par of that of Clarke and Warner in the first test down under. Sadly lacking in basic decency and does nothing to enhance their own case. Mind you, I am not sure Nigel Farage himself would have been party to it, but they do seem to have some pretty rum types in their ranks.

  2. Not all the while Patterson and Johnstone are around. It's the Tories who need to start getting their message accross. No good just saying the independent standard committee members were right and then scuttling back into their holes

  3. Driver drivel as usual.