Sunday, 6 April 2014

Little Oasis Bike Ride The People's Fight Back Begins

Today's bike ride in support of the Little Oasis SkatePark  was a great success. Organsised at very short notice over 100 people turned up, which shows the level of  anger and concern over the issue.

The Skatepark was demolished last week in a secret dawn raid  on the orders of the Council Chief Executive Sue McGonigal and with the full support and backing  of Council Leader Clive Hart. No efforts were made by Hart, or the Council he leads,  to meet and consult  with the skaters and try to rectify the alleged safety problems.  Instead they responded like bullies, crashing into the park with their heavy artillery and destroying thousands of hours of voluntary work. 

But today's bike ride shows that Thanet youth will not be cowed into submission by our "irresponsible" Council Leader Clive Hart and his out of touch councillors. The bike ride was the first example of organised public resistance to Thanet Council's incompetence, high-handed arrogance and sheer stupidity,  which I have seen in my 3 years as a Councillor. I hope to see a lot more  resistance because speaking honestly Thanet Council and its political leader Hart have  lost the respect and confidence of many of the people they are supposed to be serving - the Pleasurama Development Disaster at Ramsgate, the secret TransEuropa Ferries £3.4 Million Debt Scandal. The outrageous East Kent Opportunities Planning Appeal which will cost Taxpayers £100,000, the soon to revealed Dreamland Funding Catastrophe,  and now the Trashing of Little Oasis SkatePark   Hart and his cronies are not fit to run the Council  Its time for a change. You can vote them out in 2015!!!

I am 100% behind the Little Oasis Skatepark. It should be rebuilt on the same site at the Council's expenses and to a design agreed by the skaters. It should be done as quickly as possible.


  1. what about making the pleasurama site a skate park

  2. I agree. We can all argue until the cows come home about whether TDC needed to or should have destroyed the skatepark. But they've done it now. What's important now is that Hart and his colleagues do everything in their power to get a new skatepark built somewhere in Thanet so that youngsters have somewhere to go as the weather begins to improve. I'd happily bung a few quid in the pot and I'm sure thousands of others would do likewise. Since you're leading the protests Ian why don't you put together a campaign group to tell the council what's needed and to raise funds.