Sunday, 20 July 2014

Thanet Council's Corrupt Gift Rules Supported by Dodgy Labour & Tory Councillors


  1. Ian, you really should have told the gentlemen with the beard - that what with filming being allowed soon this would mean there is more likelihood ratepayers will think something dodgy is going on. But then he is unlikely to call the cops if you just pocket the money - having to explain he tried to bribe a Councillor!

  2. 'Fraid it's all getting a bit childish now. Lots of serious stuff going on at the moment but there are already lots of us willing and able to snipe from the sidelines. What we need is someone in the middle holding them to account for the mess they are making of things. You could start by dissociating yourself from the plan to squander millions of pounds of public money on a CPO for a loss-making airport. You should, by now have learned one thing. In Thanet, if all of the politicians are united on something, it is bound to end in failure.

  3. CPO or not we need a clearout of the politicians at TDC as they are simply useless. A ban on them standing again?