Sunday, 3 August 2014

Ramsgate Pleasurama Named Shamed & Filmed

I gained access to the Ramsgate Pleasurama site and thought it might be useful to use the opportunity to make a short film  which names and shames those responsible for this appalling blight on Ramsgate's seafront


  1. It would be great to name and shame those responsible, but I only heard the name of Terence Painter. What about the names of the councillors who voted for this development. Do they not all bear individual and collective liability. Surely, before the next election, we should have a list of the names of the councillors who helped to create this mess, so that we can decide not to vote for them again?

  2. How about going with a historical theme, like a recreation of a picturesque fisherman's wharf for example, it would not have to be expensive either.

    Keep the rents and rates down and small businesses would flock to such a location. Put a ban on vertically integrated multinationals getting a foot in the door and the place would probably grow organically and sustainably.

  3. Bayford and Painter seem tight lipped now on the project. Didn't every councillor vote for it en masse?