Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Visit to Ramsgate Project MotorHouse

I spent a couple of hours in the company of Janet Fielding today. She is an inspirational woman running an inspirational project.  Janet talks about her plans for the former motor museum and the role it could play in regenerating Ramsgate. Having been inside the building for the first time today I was overwhelmed by what I saw. This building literally oozes regeneration potential for Ramsgate and Janet Fielding has the dream and the drive to make it happen. Ramsgate needs more Janet’s. Step forward because I want to interview the women and men who are going to regenerate Ramsgate and create a future for children and grandchildren. You know who you are.

PS the  loud humming noise  is the generator of the ex-King of Norway’s Royal Yacht the Horten which has been moored at the port for the past 4 months. I have been approached by several people about  this constant low pitched noise which is disturbing people’s sleep. I am on the case and will report back soon.



  1. Great project just one of the beautiful buildings of Ramsgate cant wait to see it done. Just need to get a group to do the 1930s lift, The gardens opposite the waterfall. the old police station, sort out the pleasurerama site, the pavilion, Change the port into a marina, put attractions on the port car park, reinstate the chalets on the artificial beach (council rents 20 year lease), put beach huts (council rents plots 20 year lease) along from the main sands car park to the end of the beach prom, A quick paint of the town centre, kill a few of the weeds, sort out the west cliff chine,
    The lift £200,000
    Gardens £10,000
    Police station- private
    The Pavilion-private
    Port into marina £2,000,000
    Port car park-private peppercorn rent for the first 10 years
    Beach huts-£0
    Paint town-£30,000 in grants
    West cliff chine-£10,000
    £6.250.000 it sounds a lot, but take off what you would get in 20 year leases on the Chalets and the beach huts. I think the council would be up on the deal and we may get better services. We would defiantly get a better Ramsgate.
    My numbers may well be off but still, it don't take a lot for Ramsgate to thrive just needs a little help, and tourists will come, generating more renovation.

    1. Hey Purple Om you should stand fro Council in 2015

    2. Ian I would be no good as a Councillor, but on the whole you are, other than your support for Manston which would have polluted our Ramsgate skies killed tourism and investment forever leaving Ramsgate as a sacrificial town, for the financial good of Thanet. Far to big a price to pay, when we alone have 2 miles of beach front that would employ more people and bring in tourist pounds straight into the local economy. Being in politics takes passion for the people and place you work for, also foresight to be able to see past the crowd and look deeper into any proposal. I can see these quality's in you, keep up the good work :)

  2. In relation to the motor museum, could I suggest that a motion is placed before councillors? "Stop wasting money doing viability studies on the airport and preparing high-level business plans for something you don't own. Use the money, instead, to support this fantastic project. Having spent tens of millions on the Turner Centre and £12.8 million (and counting) doing a compulsory purchase of Dreamland you can afford to give £1 million to Ramsgate for this project; or is Margate going to continue to get all our money thrown at it?"

  3. Dear Purple OM. Please could you explain to me how it is possible to spend £4,000,000 on chalets?

  4. 8;50
    please look at the chalets that were there before (;topic=542.0;attach=254;image) also you would have to narrow the road to a single lane and put traffic lights in. This would encourage holiday makers/chalets owners to use the artificial beach and probably their friends and relations when they are not using it the same with the beach huts. This would make use of the full length of Ramsgate seafront. Then if you could persuade some large attractions to come down and set up family rides on the port car park (as this land is not suitable for housing flood risk) with very low rents for a number of years until Ramsgate has the number of tourists it once had.

  5. Completely agree purpleom and ignore the nitpicking as TDC had £60M in tax each year. Would you increase that or sack staff

  6. the other day i saw a rat running around the rubbish that's been fly-tipped over the edge of the cliff onto the flat roof janet is speaking from. just the other side of the road from churchills.

  7. Sorry 8;50 I don't know why the last comment I made came out like that? it was not meant to.
    15.28 I would look at the figures and if I couldn't cut the budget without losing important services, then i would increase council tax, only until Thanet was making good money then the business tax would increase subsidising private council tax until one day maybe there would be no council tax at all.
    Before you ask there are councils that don't ask their residents for council tax but this would be unlikely here.

  8. With filming now allowed we just need a policy banning secret meetings and documents at TDC. Which councillors with elections soon would vote for secrecy?

  9. Interesting 18:48 as it is could TDC be cut without losing essential services? TDC seems hugely overstaffed to do so little?

    Why increase business tax that would reduce businesses and the required jobs wouldn't it?