Thursday, 9 October 2014

Green Party Driver Pleads Not Guilty to Live Exports Charges

Green Party Councillor and Thanet South Election Candidate, Ian Driver, appeared in Margate Magistrates Court today charged with assault and entry into a restricted port facility contrary to section 11a of the ship and port and facility (security) regulations Act 2004. He  pleaded not guilty and was unconditionally bailed until 25th February when there will be a 2 day hearing into the allegations.
The charges against Driver relate to an anti-live animal exports demonstration he attended at the Port of Ramsgate   in May 2014.  Driver  has been campaigning against the cruel and brutal shipment of live of farm animals for slaughter in Europe for over 3 years.  He said “I will vigorously contest the charges against and will continue to campaign against the barbarous treatment of animals by the exporters. This awful trade must be stopped”. 

Two other protestors, Rob Bridger and Christine Smith were conditionally charged for obstructing the road during  anti-live animal exports demonstrations at Ramsgate in September.


  1. This trade in Live animals being transported to Europe and beyond for slaughter is unnecessary in 2014 and cannot possibly be defended except for Profit by those involved and Government who choose to hide behind the EU. Ramsgate as a town does not need this image . It should urge Thanet District Council to close the loss making Commercial side of the Town Port and develop it into something for the pleasure of all and to attract custom and tourism to the Town. Those who put themselves in the spotlight by Protesting , need your support Ramsgate. PUT an END to this trade in animals for good..Ramsgate is being used as a convenience by the exporters and you the Council tax payer are subsidising the exporters.

  2. This is ridiculous. Using the courts to prevent demonsteations and harrass elected councillors. Who are the magistrates we are funding?

  3. It's an over reaction by TDC officers yet again.

  4. The assault laws are very vague everything from sticking your tongue out to beating someone to a pulp. Courts not in real world and on our tax...