Tuesday, 12 July 2016

199 Reasons for General Election

Former Thanet Councillor and 2015 Green Party Parliamentary candidate for South Thanet, Ian Driver, has called for a general election to be held as quickly as possible this year.
Speaking after the announcement that Theresa May will become the UK’s next Prime Minster on Wednesday of this week Driver, said “Following the recent referendum vote to leave the EU we are now living in uncertain and unstable political times, it’s therefore totally unacceptable and lacking democratic legitimacy for our next Prime Minster to have been selected by the votes of just 199 Tory MPs. The very sensitive and unusual circumstances facing our country make it absolutely essential that the voters of the UK should have the right to chose their next Prime Minister at the ballot box as quickly as possible”.

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  1. Yes: an election not a coronation - when it happen with Gordon Brown he was useless