Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Ramsgate Live Animal Exports Return

After almost a year of inactivity, the export of live farm animals for slaughter in Europe is set to return to Ramsgate at the end of this of July.  Aware that the recent Brexit vote is likely to mean  the end of their the lucrative trade in cruelty, the exporters will I’m  sure be trying to make as much as money as possible in the  2-3 years left to them, so I’m expecting  there will be 2-3 shipments per week passing through the port of Ramsgate until late September.

I would urge anyone who has  even the slightest  degree of compassion for other living beings on our planet to become involved in the campaign to stop this barbaric trade from passing through Ramsgate Port. Come down to the Port when a shipments are  taking place and see for yourself the conditions the animals are transported in. Forced to spend hours and often days travelling tightly packed  into  trailers awash with urine and faeces and with limited access to food and water and then to face a grisly end to their lives through ritual slaughter.  Stand and up and be counted and  join the 100s of Thanet people – women and men, young and old who have been fighting this cruel spectacle since it came to Ramsgate in 2011.
ship of death Joline arrives at Ramsgate to pick up its cargo of sheep

A public meeting to discuss the return of the trade to Ramsgate and the campaign against it is being held upstairs at the Oak, Harbour Parade, Ramsgate on Tuesday 19th July. Please come along and find out more. I will also be posting dates and times of shipments on my blogsite and Facebook, but the shipments generally take place at short notice.


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  1. What's your view on 150 houses to be built at Discovery Park? It looks like DP/SHG are more interested in house profiteering with tax funds than creating jobs?