Saturday, 27 August 2016

Ramsgate Live Exports 26 August

Only three lorries tonight. Still three lorries too many. The lorries drove  around the roundabout and onto the  port approach road  at recklessly high speeds. It was sheer luck that nobody was hurt or worse. I wonder if the police have cautioned the lorry drivers for their dangerous driving? Once again the police prescence was very large with over 20 vehicles at the scene.  It was great to see South Thanet MP, Craig MacKinlay at the
demonstration. Craig has been very supportive of the campaign to end live exports and his bill to amended the Harbours Piers  and Clauses Act of 1847 gets a second reading in November. If successful his Bill will pave the way for a post-Brexit banning of live exports. Lots of news faces tonight. Please if you have any interest in stopping this brutal trade, come and join us. Sadly my filming of the lorries was pretty bad tonight and I didn't catch the speeding vehicles. But I did record some interviews with campaigners which show that we are just every day women and men young and old who care about the welfare of animals. Come and join us


  1. Excellent - another TDC motion to reaffirm the ban and reject your court case would help. Nobody wants these exports

  2. Will Jeremy Corbyn at his Ramsgate event this Saturday be speaking on live animal exports and Thor mercury? It would be interesting to hear how he explains what Iris and Jenny Matterface etc have been doing as supposedly Labour councilors, or even the Momentum agitators