Friday, 5 July 2013


I attended the meeting of the People's Assembly in Broadstairs last night. The turnout was excellent. Almost 200 people by my estimation. The speakers, Natalie Bennett Leader of the Green Party, Anne Drinkall of Save Our NHS, Christine Shawcross of the Labour Party National Executive and Jeremy Corbyn MP, were all excellent. The audience were treated to some fascinating speeches about  why the Government's Austerity programme is wrong and counter-productive and why we need to develop alternative economic ideas
based on collective, humanitarian principles, rather than individualistic greed  which led to the current world recession. I was particularly interested to hear speaker after speaker from the floor saying that the old fashioned big party domination of  British politics is a thing of the past and that the Labour Party, Green Party and other progressive left-of centre organisations should be working together in partnership , rather than as rivals, to make the changes we need  for a fairer, inclusive and more sustainable society. The meeting agreed
to set up a Thanet People's Assembly which will try to do just this. A meeting of the Assembly will be taking place in August. I will post when I have more details.
All in all a very inspiring evening  where co-incidentally I met some old friends from Sarf London who I ain't see in 20 odd years.

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