Friday, 26 July 2013



I copy  below the text of a letter sent from Kent County Council Highways Department to Cardy Construction Limited ordering them to remove the "Great Wall of Ramsgate" from the Public Highway and make good any damage caused to the highway by the " Wall".

I assume that this means that the existing wall must be moved backwards by a couple of metres and re-erected within the boundaries of the Pleasurama site. The paintings which used to be on the wall are, I understand, being restored so hopefully they can be mounted on the new wall when it is set up.

I understand from KCC that this action has been taken because the builders were in breach of licence i.e. no development work taking place and because there had been complaints from the public about the wall obstructing  the public highway 

Speculation is mounting in town that this might be the first act of the long overdue beginning of the end of the Pleasurama saga, but I'm not holding my breath. After all I am not an estate agent!

Cardy Construction Limited
Maynard Road
Wincheap Estate

Dear Sirs,

Hoarding on the Highway : Royal Sands Development, Marina Esplanade,

Ramsgate, Kent


Kent County Council, Highways & Transportation (KCC H&T) are aware that the hoarding for your site has been in place for some considerable time without activity taking place and therefore no longer appears to be necessary to occupy Highway land.

By its very nature, hoarding poses some obstruction to the public highway and for that reason should not be in place for any longer than is absolutely necessary.

It is an offence under Section 137 of the Highways Act 1980 (the Act) to obstruct the highway without lawful authority or excuse and you are hereby given notice to removethe hoarding within 30 days of the date of this letter. It may be necessary at this point to inspect the Highway to confirm that there is no damage to the Highway that has been enclosed. If you are aware that there is any such damage, you must contact us immediately so that damage can be assessed and if necessary remedial works completed by an approved KCC H&T contractor (at your expense) within the hoarding,
before it is taken down.

Section 169 of the Highways Act 1980 provides for the Highways authority to issue a

licence in writing for you to place a hoarding at this location which has been the case up until the present. This licence will not be extended beyond the 30 days stated above.

Please be aware that Kent County Council is under a duty to protect the rights of public to the use and enjoyment of the public highway and may consider further legal action should you fail to comply with the request to remove the hoarding.

If you have any reason why the hoarding needs to remain in place beyond the 30 days, please contact us within 10 working days using the contact details above.

Yours faithfully

Emma Proudfoot

Roadworks Coordinator


  1. By Jericho, about time and hoorah! Photos/video of the wall coming down and the revealed damage to the highway inspected immediately. Please Councillor Driver could you check which authority is responsible for the promenade. This was of course KCC when it was a through it's status still the same or has TDC taken over responsibity. Also does anyone remember where the concrete balls went!

  2. Maybe KCC should have sent a copy of this letter to SFP Ventures (UK) Ltd.

  3. Excellent: get them to remove the rubble and turf the site too. Another Summer lost.

  4. Why do we have planes still illegally overflying the beaches and towns? Manston is not the future.