Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Thanet "FerryGate" Vote Paves Way for Corruption

My motion calling for an independent investigation into the Transeuropa "FerryGate" scandal was, as I expected, soundly defeated at the Council meeting last week. To their great shame, every Labour and Conservative councillor at the meeting voted against discussing my motion. The result was 46 against, 5 in favour and 1 abstention.  Both Labour and Conservative party leaders said during the debate on Transeuropa Ferries  that the Council had done the "right thing" in agreeing the  secret deal which has now cost Thanet Council and its taxpayers £3.4million.

This vote sends out a very worrying message - that a majority of elected  Thanet Councillors are quite happy for  a tiny group of senior Council officers and political bosses to gamble recklessly with £millions of taxpayers money. This was a vote against  accountability and transparency which, in my opinion, makes it much easier and much more likely for  mis-management, rule-bending and corruption to thrive at Thanet Council.

However its not over yet. I will shortly be appealing to the Information Commissioner against Thanet Council's decision to prevent me seeing the Transeuropa paper work. As part of the Councils annual accounts sign off process I will also be asking to see all the financial documents related to the Transeuropa debt deal. If and when I have this information I will be publishing it on this site and you can then judge for yourself just how open and democratic your Council really is.

The Green Party stands firmly for open and democratic government where decisions are not made in secret by a tiny handful of political bosses. I will continue to fight against Thanet Council's culture of secrecy and  will expose and challenge it at every opportunity.


  1. Keep it up Ian although they will eventually grind you down.

  2. Whilst the council officers have a duty of care of protecting the councils financial interests, they have failed to do this and thus they have no legal right Ian to withhold any of this information to members who are on TDC, let alone members who are chairman of important committees. People only found out about these other government scandals by whistle blowing after all. They should all hang their heads in shame. The council clearly do not want an independent enquiry as they have something to hide.

  3. Or in the case of TEF no whistle blowing in the channel. Don't be fobbed off Ian.