Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Kent Green Party Codemns Syria Attack

The Chair of the  Kent Green Party, Stuart  Jeffery, said today that a military response to the Syrian crisis would “make a terrible situation much worse”.

“Although the Green Party totally deplores the actions of the Azad regime a military response by the UK and US will not put an end the bloody civil war, but will certainly lead to the deaths of many hundreds of  innocent people. An attack on Syria is also highly likely to provoke the Azad regime into taking yet more desperate measures to defend itself resulting  in further civilian causalities”.

“The threat of military action has already led to a major escalation in the number of refugees leaving Syria  which is placing severe economic strains upon  the neighbouring  countries of Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq. The flight of over 2 million people from Syria has all the hallmarks of  developing into a humanitarian crisis and may well be the cause of further political upheaval in this incredibly sensitive part of the world”.
“The Green Party urges the Government to exercise great caution(1). Instead of taking precipitate military action the  United Nations Inspectors, currently investigating the appalling chemical weapons attack,  should be allowed time to complete their work and the UN  must be given the opportunity to debate their  findings. Acting without a proper evaluation of the facts, as we did in Iraq and Afghanistan,  can lead to long-term and massively expensive entanglements which often make a terrible situation even worse”.


(1)   During tomorrow’s (29th August)  Parliamentary debate Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas,  will be urging the Government to exercise great caution in deciding what action it will take to deal with the Syrian crisis
(2)   Members of the Green Party will be supporting the emergency protest against a military strike on Syria outside 10 Downing Street between 5-7pm tonight.

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