Saturday, 3 August 2013


More than 200 campaigners, many of them from Thanet turned up to Dover Docks today  to protest about the barbaric and  cruel export of live sheep and claves in appalling cramped conditions  to Europe. This brutal trade moved from the port of Ramsgate to Dover in May and is sadly building up momentum again. On average one shipment per week is passing through the port which involves between 4 and 6 lorry loads of sheep and calves. I defy anyone to watch, smell and hear the lorries going by without being moved. For a civilised society  to allow this awful trade to continue is beyond belief.

I helped to set up the campaign against live exports from the Port of Ramsgate and through the hard work of local people we were able to drive the business out of town. Lots of the Thanet campaigners, myself included, are now working with people from Dover and the rest of Kent to build a movement to stop this evil trade going through Dover. The Green Party, The RSPCA and Compassion in World Farming are all back our campaign To find out more about the campaign and how to get involved visit the Kent Action Against Live Exports website , the RSPCA or Compassion in World Farming



  1. Ian, keep up the good work, this evil trade will eventually end. One legal point that may be worth exploring. Most trucks have two drivers so that they don't need to stop to rest. The Joline is a Class VII cargo ship which means that she can only carry a maximum of 12 passengers. When there are 8 trucks on board how many of them have two drivers?
    The increase in business is because of the proximity of Eid al Fitr next week - the end of Ramadan.

  2. Fantastic, Ian, thank you to you and your team. I have a sneaking suspicion that they're just upping the numbers anyway, Eid and Ramadan or not. In Germany, for example, you can only slaughter halal (and kosher) without stunning with a special permit. The number of sheep slaughtered without stunning was 3,000-5,000 in 2012 (500 for cattle); the ACTUAL number of sheep halal-slaughtered without stunning was approx 100,000. Where do they come from? Belgium? France? In those countries, halal/kosher slaughter without stunning is allowed. But, and a big but it is, they slaughter more sheep than any religious community could possibly consume. A number of these sheep are coming back as undeclared carcasses via wholesalers into the UK, to end up in processed food, cheap Indian restaurants, and so on, the list is long. In addition, the exporters violate ALL the conditions some of the Muslim organzation on the Continent request: short transport journeys to the point of slaughter / food and water before killing / rest before killing / handling with care. Marion L B Dill

  3. Well done Ian. Dover Port must be held accountable: they can refuse this trade. While the Joline ship looks unseaworthy.