Monday, 5 August 2013


Here are 2 graphs which show the decline  in ferry departures from Ramsgate over the period 2006 -12 and the increase in the amount of money owed to the Thanet Council over the same period. It doesn't take a genius to work our that Transeuropa was in terminal decline and that rather than continuing to support this lame duck with a secret debt deferral agreement, the Council should have been actively looking for new ferry operators or planning to diversify the business supported by the port, or maybe even looking at new uses for the port. But no! Senior Council Officers with the agreement of Tory Councillors Bob Bayford & Martin Wise and Labour Councillors Clive Hart and Rick Everitt felt that it was acceptable to secretly prop up the failing  TEF and its associated companies using your money. Is this any way to run to a Council?



  1. So why did it take nearly 4 years to realise that the debt of in excess of £3.5m was spiralling out of control? Measures should have been implemented sooner to ensure that the debt was minimised and subsequently reduced.

  2. That's the way they do it at Thanet Duffer Central....really 'Rotten Borough'! Oh yes on the diagram...what happened to the returns..I hope they were the same number!

  3. Well done Ian: a 12 year old shows more maths ability than Macgonigal - P45's required. Can her salary be reclaimed and pension - we shouldn't be paying for them to drag out these frauds then resign and walk away with a payoff for silence. Slippery characters like Everitt and Bayford will be out at the next election whenever its called - the sooner the better.

  4. Great investigative work Ian. Really easy to understand. Do you have figures for the actual amount of money received each year from Transeuropa? A graph of that would be very helpful to further understand this. This is a matter of great concern and us taxpayers need a full picture of the situation. Someone needs to take responsibility for this.

  5. I thought Thanet Council's press release said the Directors of the Council had no reason to believe the years of bills to Transeuropa would not be paid .... go on, laugh your heads off!

    1. Yes they are still saying it now! Even though there was a long established pattern of late and non-payment