Sunday, 23 February 2014

Development Pressure on Thanet Greenfield Land

The  Manston Green Planning Application got me thinking about the growing pressure to build on Thanet's greenfield open land. So I checked out Thanet Council's Planning Map and looked up all the l greenfield site planning applications in central Thanet since 2005. I took a screen capture of the result which I have included in this post and which  is very disturbing. Not all of these applications have been  approved and some are still pending approval especially Manston Green. But you can see for yourself the enormous pressure to build on open land during the last 9 years. We need to be very vigilant.

Take a look at the planning map. its well worth a play. Here is the link

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  1. A slightly different green matter, in the last 6 weeks we have received 3 different waste collection rosters and we are now back on the original roster ( I think).
    So how much money has been wasted, the cost of 4 colour printing and delivering 80,000 plus leaflets 3 times and x number of officers time etc.
    Just like ripping up pound notes, must have been taking lessons from the chief executive.