Tuesday, 25 February 2014

I Support Laura Sandys MP Call for a Ramsgate Seafront Masterplan

Green Party Councillor and Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Thanet South, Ian Driver, has lent his support to the call from current Thanet South MP, Laura Sandys, for the development of a Ramsgate seafront masterplan.“Following Thanet Council’s decision to terminate the failed Pleasurama scheme which has blighted Ramsgate for more than a decade, the time is now right to begin consulting with local people about how they would like to see their historic seafront developed” said Driver. “The ex-Pleasurama site offers huge potential for leisure based development which could be linked with imaginative plans for the nearby Royal Pavilion, an iconic building which has been boarded up an allowed to rot for the past six years. The Council’s review of Ramsgate’s Royal Harbour and it’s adjacent Port which has all but closed following the collapse of TransEuropa Ferries last year, needs to be added to the mix, as does the development of the wartime tunnels which will open this summer, the restoration of the old motor museum and the completion of a full high speed rail link to Ramsgate cutting journey time to London to less than an hour”.
“I believe Ramsgate is in the unique position of having several linked development opportunities coming together at the same time. It’s an exciting once in a generation opportunity, which if managed properly through joined up strategic planning, could make a massive impact on the fortunes of the town and Thanet as whole. This is too important a chance to be squandered for lack of a vision. I love Ramsgate and desperately want it to re-invent itself and succeed, that’s why I am supporting Laura’s call for a seafront masterplan. I want to work with her as Thanet South’s MP to make things happen for Ramsgate”.


  1. I was a little confused listening to Councillor Everitt on Radio Kent this morning. He agreed that TDC had decided to terminate the development agreement, but he then started banging on about legal advice which the council had received suggesting that they now need to write to the developer demanding that they make realistic progress within a specified time. If the council needs to write to the developer before terminating the agreement, surely they should have done this by now? I can't see any justification for allowing things to drag on beyond the contractually agreed deadline.

    1. I have seen the legal advice and it is very complex. My guess is that it will take many months for the Council to gain possession of the site. There is plenty of scope for a lot of a game playing by SFP. I agree with you. The advice should have been sought a long time ago and the action taken much quicker. In my opinion SFP were in breach of their agreement at least 12 months ago and action should have been taken then. However things are now beginning to happen. A bit late in the day but better than nothing. Ian

  2. If Thanet Council's Legal Department were building surveyors they would only be seen getting out of bed after the building had collapsed.