Thursday, 20 February 2014


Thank goodness I was wrong! Here is the Cabinet decision. This does not mean that a deal might not been be done with someone else though. Here is a press release from the Council

Members of Cabinet have tonight (Thursday 20 February) decided to adopt the recommendations of the Overview and Scrutiny Panel to terminate the development agreement in relation to the Pleasurama site in Ramsgate.

A construction expert will now be appointed to advise the council on the steps to be taken next.

Well done TDC Cabinet. Credit where it's due. You have made the right decision

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  1. Let's run a poll on who the "construction expert" providing advice to the council will be. TDC does not have a good record on identifying "experts." They do have a long and undistinguished record of being taken for a ride by men in sharp suits. In the real world, a council of more than 50 councillors would include some people with significant construction experience and they would be able to work with officers experienced in planning matters to come up with a viable strategy. Unfortunately TDC is full of councillors who have little experience of anything useful and those officers who might be capable of dealing with a big construction project are long gone.
    My preference would be to leave the site empty for the time being (a few more months won't make much difference). The people of Ramsgate to have the opportunity to vote, during the next district council elections, for candidates who have a more acceptable vision for our seafront than the one which has been foisted on us for the last 10 years.