Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Green Party Driver Calls Public Meeting on Thanet Local Plan 9 February

Green Party Councillor and Parliamentary Candidate for South Thanet, Ian Driver, has called a public meeting on Monday 9th February to discuss Thanet Council’s Draft Local Plan. The plan, which is subject to public consultation until 9th March, is proving to be extremely controversial with proposals to build 12,000 houses, many of which will be on greenfield sites and 3,000 of which will be located in and around Ramsgate. There are also growing concerns about  proposals  to build a Thanet Parkway Station close to rural Cliffsend which some people believe may be a prelude to the urbanization of the village. Many people are angry about  a consultation on a complex 262 page document being limited to just  8 weeks. A public meeting in Westgate 2 weeks ago to talk about the plan was attended by over 300 people and many others had to be turned away. Said Driver, "Feelings are running very  high about the plan so  I  have organised  a meeting to  allow residents an opportunity to have their say. I am expecting a good turn out and a frank exchange of views. I have  some strong opinions of my own, especially about the very short consultation period which I believe to be  undemocratic and insulting. The meeting begins at 7pm at the Chatham House Grammar School , Ramsgate. A speaker from the Westgate,  has been invited to speak.


  1. The main problem for Thanet is that there is only 3 main roads to escape Thanet. Birchington, Lord of the Manor and Shortendale Road. And guess what 80% of new houses will be on or near these roads. there is no measure in the plan for new roads.

    I have not even mention any other amenities that Thanet needs to improve to make Thanet better, I think TDC should say sorry but Thanet can not cope with additional 12000 new properties.

    The last point is jobs, what X Factor will bring new businesses into Thanet for these new people? the only answer I have is to reopen the airport, yes there are downsides of an airport but its been there 100years.

  2. Well said Ian and where are the Environment Agency with their views on the existing contamination at Manston and Thor and new build? Bureaucrats love to hide beihind their desks rahter than being dragged out to explain their views to the public that pays for them...

  3. You're clearly one of the numpty problems with Thanet 20:11.

    Of course houses will be near roads. And why would a failed airport (again) provide jobs?

    Manston has been there 100 years? Yes as a (failed) RAF base. And so has cancer - should we have more cancer?

  4. Ian, I take it that you've seen the plans from Coastal Airports / Winbourne Martin French for the follow on (3 additional runways etc) to RiverOaks proposals for Manston.

    The plan can be viewed on the Smaller Airports Select Commitee's website - document number is SMA0072 (click on 'view all'), additional submissions for this plan are SMA0058 & SMA0060.

    I assume that these documents will form the basis of Coastal Airport's submission for the local plan consultation.

    1. Thanks for the links 07:37, my what a lot of reading to contemplate. The statement "Thanet has an Airport, Port, High Speed Rails services and good access to the arterial roads around London. This transport hub is also networked to the Port of Dover and Euro Tunnel Services from Folkestone. This accessibility places Thanet at the gateway to Europe." A bit like the enormous entrance at Richborough castle as was, but nowadays a gateway without an airport doesn't fit.