Tuesday, 17 February 2015

I Support Anti-Drone Rooftop Protest in Broadstairs

I fully support the anti-drone protestors who have staged a rooftop protest at a factory at the Pysons Road Industrial Estate today. Drones have been responsible for killing 1000s of innocent men, women and children in Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq etc. They are implicated in war crimes and illegal state sponsored assassinations. I would like to thank the protestors for taking a stand against this immoral trade and for alerting the people of Thanet to the fact that a seemingly ordinary factory is engaged in the manufacture of high tech killing machines. Surely the skills and knowledge in this factory could be put to peaceful use which helps humanity rather than blowing men, women and children to smithereens.  


  1. Good to see the arms industry being exposed especially with ukip saying they're supposedly increasing military costs

  2. driver the clown jumping on bandwagons