Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Lobby Against O'Regan Port Pollutiion Plans 19th Feb 6pm Stand Up and Be Counted

Angry Ramsgate residents will be lobbying a meeting of Thanet Council’s  Labour Cabinet at 6pm on Thursday 19th February
The lobby is in opposition to proposals put forward by the O’Regan Group to locate a waste wood processing and concrete block production facility at the port of Ramsgate.
On 12 January almost 300 Ramsgate residents attended a public meeting to discuss the O’Regan plans. Many people were worried by the  noise and dust  pollution which would be produced  by the plant. Others were concerned by the additional HGV traffic which will be generated and the impact that an unsightly industrial facility on the towns seafront would have upon Ramsgate’s reviving tourist industry. Concern was also expressed by the amount of water which would be used in the processes planned on being carried out and how the resulting contaminated water would be disposed of.  There are also very serious worries that  the nearby marine site of special scientific interest and the European special area of conservation might be polluted by O’Regan’s activities.
Green Party Councillor and  PPC for South Thanet, Ian Driver is supporting the lobby. He has discovered that the Council has held 5 secret meetings with  the O’Regan Group in the past 8 months. The Council’s Corporate Management Team and Cabinet have both discussed the proposals and planning advice is being provided to the company. Driver’s request to see documents relating these meetings as been refused. He will be appealing to the Information Commissioner.
Driver has also discovered that the O’Regan group have  a track record of pollution related incidents in their native Ireland resulting in heavy fines and a High Court appearances. They also have a chequered financial history.
Said Driver “the O’Regan  Group plans are far too risky to be allowed to take place in an area as environmentally sensitive at Ramsgate Port. O’Regan’s financial track record and their involvement in serious pollution incidents also means that they are entirely unsuitable to be operating at the Port. I am 100% opposed to this company’s proposals and will be joining the lobby on Thursday.

For more information contact Ian Driver on 07866588766

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  1. lorry movements will not affect the town as the port has its own accses road +it might just reopen fright traffic to ostend or more