Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Low Down, Dirty Thanet Politics

Last year I posted several articles about how nasty, dirty and abusive the world of Thanet politics was becoming. I wasn’t the only person to be sickened by these schoolyard shenanigans.

The 4 Independent Members of the Council’s Standards Committee were also disgusted by the personal attacks, bullying and petty vendettas taking place between councillors,  and the sometimes abusive and hostile  behaviour of councillors towards members of the public.

So concerned were the 4 Independent Members of the Standards  Committee that they produced a report highlighting this unacceptable behaviour and calling for action to be taken to tackle  what members of the public perceived to be a “dysfunctional” council and councillors.

As you may recall the Leader of the Council, Clive Hart, and several of his Labour colleagues, spent more than an hour verbally attacking and bullying the Independent Members of the Standards Committee for doing what they were appointed to do – giving independent advice about the standards of behaviour of councillors. Following this nasty incident the 4 Independent Members resigned. They subsequently rejected Council Leader Hart’s invitation to withdraw their resignations.

About this time I was handed a copy of  an e-mail which exemplified just how nasty,  viscous and personal Thanet politics could become. I published that e-mail. It alleged that a  prominent local UKIP politician had spoken to someone in the public gallery at a Thanet Council meeting saying that he was “out to get” Councillor John  Worrow and intended to  “break him”. At the time I did not know who the author of the e-mail was, nor who had   had transmitted a copy to Thanet Council.

I have just seen a Facebook posting from Councillor John Worrow which I reproduce below

Here is a copy of the e-mail.

Having political disagreements is one thing but turning these disagreements into vendettas,  hate campaigns, personal attacks in the newspapers and spurious complaints is entirely another ball game.

Its time for some grown up sensible politics in Thanet. Its time for a change.  


  1. Nothing new about the bitchiness in Thanet politics. It's been going on for many years and there are many examples of pathetic unprofessional behaviour. Unfortunately, the Thanet electorate don't really look at the people they are electing, only the colour of the rosette. Consequently, we have some really nasty individuals sitting in Cecil square. I often wonder if this is the real reason they don't want filming to take place; so that people can't see what they're really like. It will be interesting to see how things change when UKIP sweeps the board in May.

    1. Filming of Council meetings by the public will become legal later this year. Thank goodness. I await to see what might happen in May this year. Although I am more interested in what might happen in May 2015 when we have the Council and General elections on the same day. We desperately need change in Thanet and May 2015 is when we can do it. Personally I hope its not a UKIP change. Independents and the Greens working together can do it.

  2. You have been sent an email about a more serious case Ian. The question is whether PCC Ann Barnes will try to promote a resurrection of the Fraud Squad inquiry at TDC early 90s as a broadening aspect of current police inquiries ostensibly only about internet bullying.

    There was some sort of cttee procedure involving cllrs and a TDC officer which addressed businesses falling into arrears with rates. The suggestion is that enabled certain cllrs with a certain TDC officer to target financially vulnerable businesses. Maybe use TDC to blocker sales of leasehold businesses whose freeholder was TDC ? Then the property bought for a song during the inevitable bankruptcy.

    That seems to be what the area of concern was for the previous fraud inquiry that was supposedly to be resurrected after the Ezekiel conviction,

    Be aware of this one I don't know how it will pan out.

    1. Not very nice comments, admittedly. But of the kind that a seasoned, thick skinned, grown up politician would simply shrug off. I find it difficult to have sympathy for a politician claiming hurt feelings. Politicians of all parties are always "out to get" each other. Both Cameron and Miliband know that others are after their job. But they don't whine about it.

    2. Anonymous 18:12,

      You claim that some politicians are "nasty". surely not, how could this be.

      But then perceived nastiness is subjective. Is my nasty person anothers righteous hero.

    3. The same sort of strategy we feel is being applied to my mother in Manston Lyndon. TDC appeared to want to buy their land once they have succeeded in driving her and her partner off. The Inspector has dismissed their case after just one week and given them a year to leave, and insisted the roof over their heads be demolished. They need help.